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Girls & Youth Fundraising Campaign

Girls and Youth Fundraising Campaign

Your Support is More Important than Ever

Major foundations have shifted their focus from youth programs, even as young people are struggling to finish high school and develop the skills and experiences they need to create a positive future.

So we are raising $1 Million to provide funding stability for YWCA Minneapolis Girls and Youth Programs. 

We are just inches away from crossing the finish line and are looking to you for support. In this final push, EVERY DOLLAR DONATED WILL BE MATCHED!

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YWCA Girls and Youth programs are a smart investment in the future. 

Our programs support youth of color and those living in low-income households, the fastest growing segment of our population. 

Why afterschool programs?

  • Young people are in school just 20% of their waking hours during any given year
  • Afterschool and school breaks provide crucial opportunities for growth and learning
  • They can also be times of tremendous risk for youth who are home alone and unsupervised

It’s in the numbers:

  • 91% of our Girls and Youth participants expressed a sense of belonging in their program group and also stated they had a trusted adult they could go to for support
  • 97% of participants intend to graduate high school
  • 95% of participants intend to pursue post-secondary education

Our Inspiring Youth


Chee Xiong

Chee was introverted as a child. When she joined her seventh grade YWCA Hmong girls group, she found her voice. "YWCA taught me how to get past my shyness and connect with other people. Most important of all, YWCA taught me how to be the confident woman I am today...Now I get to help my students find their voices."

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Nessa Girls and Youth

Janessa (Nessa) Victoria Harms started shoplifting when she was 12 years old. The reason? To provide for her siblings when money was tight. After being caught and arrested, Nessa learned that if she completed the YWCA Girls RAP program, her shoplifting offense wouldn’t be on her record. In 2014, Nessa joined the program. Now, she loves being in a safe place where she can express herself.

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Girls Inc Workshop

34 local tradeswomen spent the day teaching Girls Inc. girls about non-traditional career paths at a Power Girls! workshop.  

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“Every kid is one caring adult away from being a success story.”

- Josh Shipp (Award-Winning Youth Speaker)

With your support, we seek to expand young people’s capacity to enjoy life and know that success is possible.