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Strong Fast Fit

Strong Fast Fit Youth Program

The Strong Fast Fit youth fitness program is designed to educate and empower youth to live healthy and active lifestyles.

It nurtures lifelong healthy behaviors to prevent the onset of obesity and the risk of Type 2 Diabetes among youth in culturally specific communities.

About Strong Fast Fit

  • One-year program for youth ages 7-17
  • Youth meet twice a week for exercise and nutrition programming
  • Monthly family nutrition education
  • Athletic events and field trips
  • Fitness assessments to ensure youth are progressing toward their fitness goals

Family Success with Strong Fast Fit

When healthy lifestyles are a family affair, youth are more successful. The program offers families fitness events, cooking and nutrition classes, and encourages regular use of family memberships to YWCA fitness facilities.

Participating families receive a YWCA Minneapolis health and fitness family membership!

Family support is essential for the success of the youth in this program. The whole family must commit to follow a healthy lifestyle, participate in program events and use the gym membership regularly during the program.

Strong Fast Fit Participants

In 2015-2016:

  • 99% of youth engaged in Moderate to High Level physical activity at least two times per week for thirty (30) minutes
  • 83% of regular participants reported making healthy food choices and an improved overall diet
  • 77 % of families increased use of Meal Planning and Healthy Eating

How to Join

For Strong Fast Fit enrollment or program information, contact the following Program Coordinators:

Strong Fast Fit Midtown Center Coordinator: Therese Genis, 612-215-4373

Strong Fast Fit Hmong Program Coordinator: Jessie Vang, 612-522-6559 ext 2 

“I get to work out, be in the nutrition program and swim. I ran a one-mile race in February. I started off fast and then stopped and had to walk, but I finished and succeeded. I’ve learned how to be strong no matter how hard times get. I eat healthy foods, I’m more energetic, and I’m not a couch potato anymore. I feel a lot better about myself since joining Strong Fast Fit.”

Kiyanne, age 13, Strong Fast Fit participant