ywca Minneapolis

Circle of Women

Thank you for attending and supporting the 20th annual Circle of Women fundraiser luncheon!

The success of this event is crucial to supporting the life-changing programs at YWCA Minneapolis. Your contributions create brighter futures for those we serve and we thank you.

We would also like to extend a heartfelt thank you to our generous 2016 corporate sponsors

The Circle of Women fundraiser luncheon is an inspirational opportunity to support life-changing programs in the community, empowering women and girls in profound ways.

Every year, we leverage our expertise and knowledge to deliver innovative programs and passionate advocacy in education, racial justice and wellness, creating a positive impact on the lives of over 25,000 people in our community.

  • 24,000+ health and fitness members visited three urban fitness centers
  • 2,000+ women built strength, dignity and vitality in wellness programs
  • 7,200+ diverse individuals were empowered to take action to eliminate racism
  • 2,400+ community members used YWCA fitness opportunities
  • 1,400+ girls and youth engaged in quality afterschool programs
  • 1,550+ advocates raised awareness about addressing institutional racism and advancing economic empowerment for women and girls
  • 4,400+ individuals were awarded health and fitness scholarships
  • 780+ volunteers generously gave 8,200+ hours of their time
  • 850+ children received high-quality, nationally accredited early childhood education

About the Program

There is something powerful about coming together to listen to those whose voices aren't always heard -- the participants of the life-changing programs of the YWCA of Minneapolis. During the Circle of Women program, girls and women whose lives have been changed in small and profound ways share their stories with attendees. Be inspired by their stories!