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Women's Triathlon Training

Women's Triathlon Training Plan

Each year, we provide a free, beginner 3-month training plan for the women's triathlon.

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Training Plan Overview

YWCA Women's Triathlon Race Director Rachael Weiker provides an overview of all three training "blocks" of the YWCA Women's Triathlon Training Plan and runs through some common Q&A's in the overview videos below.

Women’s Triathlon - Training Team Packages

These packages are a collection of your choice of classes, group events and coach support. You will pick the classes with your coach. Special group events such as workouts or dinners hosted throughout the season. Each package varies how much individual support you get from a USA Triathlon Certified Coach.  

All Training Team members (athletes who purchase packages) receive access to:

  • Group workouts
  • Social events
  • Training Team swag
  • The Team Tent on race day

Learn About the Three Training Team Options Here:

Training Team Base

Training Team Ascent

Training Team Peak

Triathlon Training Classes

Tri Skills

This is our most popular summer class that focuses on tricks, tips and skills for completing or improving triathlons including gear, open water skills, transitions practice and bike handling. Includes a Mini Tri.

Mini Tri

Practice putting together all the components of a triathlon - open water swim, transition 1, bike, transition 2, and run. We will provide a roped off transition area with bike racks and the support and guidance of Endurance Sports Coaches.

T2 - Bike to Run Brick Workout

T2 is triathlon's second transition: bike to run. This class is a two-hour workout, preparing your body and mind for the effect of running after biking.

Open Water Swim

Learn and practice open water swimming skills such as freestyle efficiency, swimming straight, body contact, sighting, and strategy.

Bike Course Preview

Knowing the bike course is one of the best strategies for beginners and competitive triathletes alike. Get a guided bike tour of the course.

Tri Swim Prep and Tri Swim Conditioning Classes

These classes focus on building a foundation for freestyle endurance swimming for triathletes. Swimmers will learn stroke mechanics, drills, and practice methods to train up to an endurance swim of 500 yards or more. Our most experienced Total Immersion coaches provide feedback and encouragement.