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Team Training

Accomplished, strong and powerful.

Take your workouts to the next level with our 6-week Team Training program.

YWCA’s Team Training is designed for you to break through your personal fitness boundaries.

Increase strength, lose body fat, intensify your workouts and train with a like-minded group of focused individuals.

  • Curriculum is progressive, building on the previous week’s workout (drop-in participation is not permitted)
  • Fee-based and run in 6-week sessions
  • Open to members and nonmembers of all fitness levels

Team Training Classes


Discover the premier indoor bike training tool used by professional cyclists and triathletes and take your cycling to a new level. Ask an Endurance Sports coach for more details or sign up online for a 6-week session.

Team Beginner Kettlebell

This full body workout uses kettlebells to build long lean muscles, improve strength and power, and increase joint mobility and endurance. Classes are a mixture of skills building and high intensity circuit training. Challenge your muscular and cardiovascular systems and learn basic kettlebell movements with this dynamic class.

Team Pilates

Pilates is a great way to achieve optimal strength, flexibility and endurance without adding bulk or stressing your joints. Our certified Pilates trainers emphasize neutral spine and neutral pelvic alignment as they relate to core stability, providing a non-impact workout that is beneficial for all fitness levels.

Team Strength for Women

This challenging workout incorporates total body strength and conditioning exercises. Led by a certified personal trainer, Team Strength will help you build the confidence and weight lifting skills to break through your personal fitness boundaries, improve your overall cardiovascular efficiency, and increase your endurance. This class is for women only.

Team Training Rates

Team Training Program Registration Rates

These classes are fee-based and require registration. Drop-in participation is not permitted as curriculum is progressive, building on the previous week's workout. All prices are for YWCA Health & Fitness members. Nonmembers will be charged an additional 20% administration fee.
CompuTrainer Classes: Participants must bring their own bike.

Team Training Classes: $120/6-week session
CompuTrainer Classes: $180/6-week session