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Maintain Not Gain Challenge


We’ve loved seeing some new and familiar faces in our Small Group Training and Hot Yoga classes.

Remember, your passes are good at ANY location and for all classes EXCEPT Team training- these are marked on the schedule with a green icon.

All passes expire on January 6th, so make sure to get to those classes! Don’t be afraid to take a couple in one week or to try something totally out of your comfort zone! Our Trainers are certified and equipped to adjust any class plan to fit your needs.

Weigh OUTS will be held on January 2-6, 2019 at each site. If you weighed in and maintained your weight within 3 pounds you will receive a MyRewards card that you can use towards any YWCA service such as personal training or massage. It cannot be used towards membership or parking dues.

Please watch for signage at each front desk with schedules starting Dec. 24.

Lets get to the fun stuff!

One of the great features of this program is the 30 minute massage. 30 minutes not long enough for you? Let member services know you’d like to upgrade to 60 or even 90 minutes for total relaxation! We now offer massage at all 3 locations making it easier than ever for you to schedule and RELAX!

Healthy Holiday Tips

Don’t skip meals. It seems logical: Forgo lunch; leave more room for pigs in blankets at the party later. But arriving starved may result in overeating, and drinking on an empty stomach will give you a quicker buzz, which is more likely to lead to mindless munching. Eat normally during the day, and be strategic at the buffet. Don’t bother with things you don’t absolutely love. Splurge on something special (hint: It’s not those cubes of Cheddar), then stop.

Manage stress. Give yourself a break if you feel stressed out, overwhelmed, and out of control. Some of the best ways to manage stress are to find support, connect socially, and get plenty of sleep. Be open minded that not everything will be perfect- and that’s okay.

Make moves! After dinner, get some physical activity. This is a great time to go for a chilly walk and catch up with family members, or play catch or a game of basketball with the kids.