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YWeightloss Challenge

Welcome to YWeightloss!

Thank you for kicking off 2019 with this challenge

Your personal trainer is ready and waiting to work out with you over the next six weeks!

At the end of six weeks, teams and individuals will have the chance to win cash prizes based on the largest percentage of overall weight loss.

Here is What You Need to Know

Styku 3D Assessment

You will complete this during your first session with your trainer. Please wear compression clothing for the most accurate scan. Typical outfits: sports bra or fitted tank top, leggings or compression shorts. The assessment is not required, but you will not be eligible for prizes if you do not complete a scan. Your trainer will be with you during the Styku 3D, but you can request to be by yourself in the room.

Schedule Your Training Sessions

Please schedule your personal training sessions by calling the Member Services Desk or stopping by in person.

  • Choose one personal trainer to work out with over the next six weeks
  • Teams: Choose one day and time per week to schedule your team workout
  • Individuals: Your day and time can be flexible during the week depending on availability

Get the most out of your sessions and attain maximum results! Block off your calendar and plan ahead to ensure you attend each week’s session. There will not be makeup sessions for teams. Individual makeup sessions are not guaranteed and based on trainer availability.

Member Services Desk Phone Numbers

Downtown: 612-215-4125
Midtown: 612-215-4331
Uptown: 612-215-4201

Tips and Tricks for Success with Your Work Out Program

  • Block your calendar and plan ahead to make it easy to attend each training session. There will not be any make up sessions
  • Get to know your trainer. They are there to help you develop realistic pathways toward reaching your goals! Ask lots of questions.
  • Get to know your team. Plan a time to meet outside of your training session, maybe during a small group class.
  • Don’t be nervous to try something new, the biggest gains come outside of your comfort zone!


Registered participants have access to free YWeightloss clinics hosted by Registered Dietitians

Dates & Locations

  • Weight loss myths- YWCA Downtown, January 17.
  • Meal Planning / Recipe Reboot- YWCA Midtown, January 24.
  • Portions, Servings and Portion Control- YWCA Uptown, January 31.
  • Post Exercise Nutrition- YWCA Midtown, February 7.

All sessions will be from 5:30 – 6:30 pm.

Nutrition Tips & Tricks

  • Take advantage of our Nutrition Counseling Services.
  • One way to watch your food intake is to make an effort to eat slower! This allows your body to recognize that it’s full before you over eat. You will better digest your food and be more satisfied with the food you are eating.
  • Focus on whole foods rich in protein and healthy fats to promote satiety and long-lasting energy for your workouts!
  • Pre-workout snack ideas: yogurt with granola, fruit, protein shake or peanut butter on a whole wheat tortilla.
  • Post-workout food: eat a full meal about an hour after your workout filled with protein, healthy fats and carbohydrates.
  • Drink water! Ditch the juice, sugary tea, coffee and soda for the next six weeks and see the difference it will make!

YWeightloss YWCA Contacts:

Andrew Hosalla: or 612-215-4341, YWCA Midtown

Phil Sconzert: or 612-215-4152, YWCA Downtown

Chloe Shovein: or 612-215-4208, YWCA Uptown