Personal Training and Private Pilates Training

The YWCA of Minneapolis offers a wide range of Pilates and personal training options.

Personal Training

Whether you want to lose weight, improve your health, or train for an event or sport, our nationally certified personal trainers can help you achieve your goals while seeing and feeling results. We also offer specialized fitness analysis services to help determine your current fitness levels, so you can train in the most effective way possible.

Private/Semi-Private Personal Training

Schedule a nationally certified trainer for a session of private or semi-private training. We have three levels of trainers to match your needs, goals and budget. Trainer levels are based on the trainer's education, experience and certification. If you have a medical condition, injury or special need, please contact the fitness coordinator to help you choose the right trainer.

Pilates Training

Pilates is a great way to achieve optimal strength, tone, flexibility and endurance without adding bulk. We take a contemporary approach to the mind-body teachings of Joseph H. Pilates, and emphasize neutral spine and neutral pelvic alignment and their relationship to core stability.

Pilates is, however, much more than a "core" class. It works to restore the natural function of the spine and joints and balance the muscles. It also increases your body awareness and alleviates overuse issues. This stress-relieving method can be performed on a mat or using dedicated Pilates equipment. The YWCA has a full complement of state-of-the-art Pilates equipment and a dedicated and nationally certified Pilates staff.

Mat and Reformer group classes are a great way to begin your Pilates training.

Private and Semi-Private Pilates Training: Trainers are here to help customize a program just for you! Go beyond the mat and Reformer classes and learn about all the Pilates equipment available at the YWCA. Work privately with a trainer or bring a friend for semi-private rates. (See rates below.)

Introductory Package

For first-time purchasers, we offer a special introductory package: four 55-minute sessions for just $180. You can redeem this with any level trainer, good for members and nonmembers alike, and at a substantial savings. Some restrictions apply. Contact Julie Fearing (Uptown) at 612-215-4203, Ann Haugejorde (Midtown) at 612-215-4341, or Sam Baltes (Downtown) at 612-215-4152 for more information or to schedule a package.


Learn about each trainer’s experience, education and personal fitness philosophy. Some trainers also specialize in certain activities, sports or age groups.

View Personal and Pilates Trainers

Private Personal Training Rates: 55-Minute Session

Prices are for YWCA Health & Fitness members. Non-members will be charged an additional 20% administration fee.  (Prices in effect beginning January 1, 2013.)

Number of Sessions Level 1 Trainer Level 2 Trainer Level 3 Trainer
1 Session $65 $75 $85
4 Session $225 $260 $275
8 Session $420 $440 $480
12 Session $600 $635 $695
18 Session $750 $825 $915

Private Personal Training Rates: 30-Minute Session

Prices are for YWCA Health & Fitness members. Non-members will be charged an additional 20% administration fee. 

Number of Sessions Level 1 Trainer Level 2 Trainer Level 3 Trainer
8 Session $240 $275 $290

Semi-Private Personal Training Rates: 55-Minute Session

Number of Sessions Level 1 Trainer Level 2 Trainer Level 3 Trainer
8 Session $225 $250 $280
12 Session $320 $340 $385

Schedule your Sessions

Scheduling your personal training sessions is easy with our Online Appointment Scheduling system powered by Spectrum NG.

Personal training sessions may be purchased in person at any location or online. You may purchase your sessions first, then schedule them online, or you may schedule your sessions and purchase them when you come in for your first appointment.

A 24-hour cancellation notice is required if you are unable to attend your scheduled appointment. Individuals who cancel within 24 hours of their scheduled time will be charged the service rate.

Polar BodyAge Assessment

The Polar BodyAge System is an exclusive health assessment developed to quickly and simply provide members with a baseline measurement of their overall fitness level. The system provides members a "BodyAge," compares it to their actual chronological age and, with help from trained YWCA staff, provides a complete fitness program to members.

"BodyAge" is the biological age of your body based on key health indicators. Those indicators include resting heart rate and blood pressure, body composition (% fat vs. lean mass), flexibility, muscular strength and endurance, aerobic fitness, heart disease risk factors, and HDL/LDL. When these biological indicators are stressed or ignored, our bodies may be older than our chronological age. 

Your Polar BodyAge assessment will take between 30 and 45 minutes. Upon arrival for your assessment, you will meet with one of our certified fitness trainers to discuss some of your health habits. The trainer will lead you through a series of assessments for body composition, cardiovascular efficiency, muscular strength, endurance, flexibility and health risk.

You will receive a printout of your BodyAge with a score compared to others in your same age and gender. The report may also contain health and fitness recommendations. Your YWCA fitness trainer will explain what options the YWCA provides to help you reach your desired fitness levels.

The YWCA has experts in health, nutrition, and fitness who can develop a personalized fitness plan to reach your goals. Additionally, the YWCA offers a wide range of fitness classes to appeal to every member.

The price of a Polar BodyAge assessment is $20. To schedule an assessment, contact an advisor at any one of our locations to schedule an appointment.