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Endurance Sports

endurance sports at ywca minneapolis

Endurance Sports Class Overview

Created specifically for triathletes, swimmers, cyclists and runners to exceed performance goals with sport-specific conditioning, training and event education.

  • Learn proper movements that help reduce injury
  • Increase power and efficiency
  • Work on getting faster, more agile and explosive

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Endurance Sports classes are part of Small Group Training classes

  • No registration required - drop in to any class
  • Fee-based classes - purchase a program pass to attend (see rates below)
  • Open to members and nonmembers

Endurance Sports Class Descriptions

Endurance Sports Recovery

Work to prevent injuries, or help recover from current injuries, in this calm, 30-minute workout. We will utilize a variety of gentle stretches to target all major muscles as well as incorporate mobility exercises to keep your joints healthy. Equipment used may include foam rollers, massage rollers and stretching straps. Stretching keeps your muscles loose and pliable to help prevent injuries, with added blood flow to help your body recover faster. Whether you are an athlete in your off-season or staying healthy for a current season, this class is perfect for all ability levels. 

Strength for Endurance Athletes

Cross-training is the key to preventing injuries and improving your race performance. This class is for new and experienced endurance athletes looking to build strength and increase their endurance. Participants will perform exercises to strengthen the core, improve flexibility and boost power.

Small Group Training Program Pass Rates

Small Group Training program passes allow you to attend any Small Group Training class of your choice and expire in 90 days.

  • Single class Drop-In: $15
  • 6-class Program Pass: $84
  • 12-class Program Pass: $168

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