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Boot Camp

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Boot Camp Overview

Boot Camp is the original high-intensity work out, a mix of running and weights.

  • Burns massive calories
  • Tones muscle
  • Maximizes fat loss
  • Increases your metabolism so you actually burn calories even after class is over

Our trainers will motivate you to do what you didn’t even know you were capable of doing.

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Boot Camp classes are part of Small Group Training classes

  • No registration required - drop in to any class
  • Fee-based classes - purchase a program pass to attend (see rates below)
  • Open to members and nonmembers

Boot Camp Class Descriptions

Bootcamp: Barbell

This class combines traditional boot camp exercises with compound and dynamic barbell movements to increase strength, mobility and conditioning. 

Boot Camp: Basics

New to the gym and not sure where to start? This total body workout introduces kettlebells, dumbbells, and body weight while demonstrating new movements and improving form. Learn the basics and improve your confidence in a safe and fun environment.

Bootcamp: Boxing

This class combines traditional boot camp exercises with dynamic boxing movements to improve speed, agility, strength and technique.

Boot Camp: Cardio Core

Run your heart out with a good cardio core interval workout – boot camp style! This high intensity workout aims to increase your metabolic rate, core stabilization, strength, reactive power, endurance and cardio efficiency.

Boot Camp: Interval Cardio and Strength

Get that heart rate up and build up muscle strength at Interval Cardio and Strength! This high intensity workout focuses aimed at increasing your metabolic rate, strength, reactive power, endurance and cardio efficiency. We will use plyometric, resistance, and endurance exercises aimed at maximizing your strength, cardio endurance and efficiency.

Boot Camp: Strength and Conditioning

Push yourself to the limits with a strength and conditioning circuit. This total body boot camp workout utilizes compound and explosive movements to increase muscle endurance, strength and power. This workout will help enhance your training using dumbbells, kettlebells, body weight and more.

Boot Camp: Superwoman

A circuit for women to work together, encourage and challenge each other. This class will show you that you can do more than you think you can - you are a superwoman! All fitness levels welcome.

Boot Camp: Variety

Variety Boot Camp is an intense workout class unlike any other. Each workout will run you through a series of cardio, stability, strength and core-training exercises. Boot Camp results will blow you away! This class is recommended for those with substantial fitness experience and not for the faint of heart.

Small Group Training Program Pass Rates

Small Group Training program passes allow you to attend any Small Group Training class of your choice and expire in 90 days.

  • Single class Drop-In: $15
  • 6-class Program Pass: $84
  • 12-class Program Pass: $168

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Note: When purchasing a program pass, the page defaults to "Scheduler" in the dropdown menu. Please select Group Exercise from the drop down menu to purchase a program pass.