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Endurance Sports

endurance sports at ywca minneapolis

Endurance Sports Class Overview

Created specifically for triathletes, swimmers, cyclists and runners to exceed performance goals with sport-specific conditioning, training and event education.

  • Learn proper movements that help reduce injury
  • Increase power and efficiency
  • Work on getting faster, more agile and explosive

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Endurance Sports classes are part of Small Group Training classes

  • No registration required - drop in to any class
  • Fee-based classes - purchase a program pass to attend (see rates below)
  • Open to members and nonmembers

Endurance Sports Class Descriptions

Couch to 5K

This is a distance achievable for anyone! 5k races (3.1 miles) have exploded in popularity. This class is for the true beginners or those who are re-starting your training after an injury. We will utilize a walk/run ratio to progressively build your running endurance. NOW is the time to join your friends and get ready for one of these races.

T2: Offseason Workout

T2 is the transition from biking to running in a triathlon. Cross training is used in this class and includes a high energy, cardio specific workout with a mix of core exercises. Prevent injuries and remain motivated in the winter months as you train for your next race. 

Treadmill Training

Are you tired of running but not getting anywhere? The treadmill will no longer be the “dreadmill” when you work out in this class! This class teaches new treadmill techniques to avoid plateaus and injury and instead start seeing results.

Small Group Training Program Pass Rates

Small Group Training program passes allow you to attend any Small Group Training class of your choice and expire in 90 days.

  • Single class Drop-In: $15
  • 6-class Program Pass: $84
  • 12-class Program Pass: $168

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Note: When purchasing a program pass, the page defaults to "Scheduler" in the dropdown menu. Please select Group Exercise from the drop down menu to purchase a program pass.