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HIIT Overview

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts capture what so many of us are after — more results in less time. 

  • Each class is 30 minutes in length
  • Go at maximum effort for short bursts
  • Followed by an active rest period
  • Then blast another group of muscles with a different movement

Do more work in the same time and the results will make you happy, burn more fat, develop muscles and increase your metabolism.

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HIIT Classes are part of Small Group Training classes

  • No registration required - drop in to any class
  • Fee-based classes - purchase a program pass to attend (see rates below)
  • Open to members and nonmembers

HIIT Class Descriptions

HIIT: Run & Strength

This 30-minute class mixes short bursts of speedy intervals on the treadmill with a dose of hand weight and body weight exercises to blast your muscles and burn fat. This class uses a Rate of Perceived Exertion chart to meet the needs of all abilities on the treadmill and offers different modifiers and weights for strength based exercises.


HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) TRX is a concentrated workout format that enhances your aerobic capacity, burns fat and builds strength in only 30 minutes. Rapidly improve your fitness with timed TRX intervals with cardio activities added in for a heart-pumping workout. It is an intense workout for those who have a good fitness base already.

HIIT Program Pass Rates

HIIT program passes allow you to attend any HIIT class of your choice and expire in 90 days.

  • Single class Drop-In: $11
  • 6-class Program Pass: $60
  • 12-class Program Pass: $120

Purchase Program Pass

Note: When purchasing a program pass, the page defaults to "Scheduler" in the dropdown menu. Please select Group Exercise from the drop down menu to purchase a program pass.