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YWCA Minneapolis has developed PATHTM Physician Aligned Tracks for HealthTM, a program that allows physicians to refer patients to a motivating, supportive and outcomes-based lifestyle change program. The 60-day PATH Program focuses on specific fitness tracks recommended for each patient: a General Health Track, a Diabetes Management Track, or a Healthy Hearts Track. The program is designed to change behaviors, improve health and wellness, enhance overall quality of life and track the progress toward individual goals.

Program Includes:

  • Weekly small group exercise sessions with a Personal Trainer
  • Weekly interactive coaching sessions on nutrition and lifestyle changes
  • Access to all YWCA fitness locations and member amenities
  • Two Polar BodyAge health assessments
  • More than $300 worth of wellness coaching, classes and education

The PATH Program is specifically designed to inspire lifestyle changes! Together, we tackle weight loss, healthy nutrition, diabetes management and cardiac conditioning and support every step on the journey to better health.

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