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Total Immersion Swimming

Total Immersion Swimming

YWCA Minneapolis offers Total Immersion (TI) swimming instruction, the best way to master a faster, more fluid and efficient freestyle stroke. Total Immersion swimming has helped thousands of adults and children build swimming knowledge, endurance, speed and confidence. 

What is Total Immersion Swimming?

Total Immersion Swimming is a learning technique using drills and stroke analysis during instructional sessions. TI coaches use above and underwater video equipment to help participants understand their technical strengths and challenges.


Total Immersion is for Swimmers of All Abilities, Including:

  • Triathletes and open water swimmers who want to improve speed and endurance
  • Master and competitive swimmers looking for stroke work to reduce the risk of swim injuries
  • New swimmers looking to avoid endless hours without progress
  • Any swimmer who feels they have hit a wall in their training, and wants to improve their stroke and overall form

YWCA Minneapolis is the exclusive provider of this teaching method in Minnesota.


Total Immersion Swim Lessons

Private and Semi-Private Lessons

YWCA Minneapolis has more certified and licensed Total Immersion swim instructors than any other single site in North America. We offer private lessons with one swimmer, semi-private lessons with two to three swimmers, and private group sessions with 4 or more swimmers. Lessons are available every day of the week and at all three YWCA Minneapolis locations.

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Additional Swim Lesson Training

7-Week Triathlon Swim Prep Class

This class focuses on building a foundation for freestyle endurance swimming for triathletes. Swimmers will learn stroke mechanics, drills, and practice methods to train up to an endurance swim of 500 yards or more. Our most experienced Total Immersion coaches provide feedback and encouragement.

Date: Tuesdays, June 12 - July 24
Time: 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Location: YWCA Uptown
Cost: $86.40/members; $104.40/nonmembers

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Total Immersion Instructors and Coaching Levels

Instructor Name

YWCA Private Lesson Instructor Level

Primary Site

TI Coach Level

Jordan Jelmeland




Tim Walton



2, Director

Whitney Jelmeland


Uptown, Midtown

3, Director

Kym Zest


Uptown, Midtown


Kathleen Parker


Uptown, Midtown


Register for Private or Semi-Private Total Immersion Swim Lessons

To register for private swim lessons, please log in to our online ordering system, choose the "Scheduler" option and then select "Swim Instruction" and choose a Level 3 or Level 4 swim instructor.