Girls & Youth

Supporting school success

YWCA of Minneapolis Girls and Youth programs focus on increasing academic success, strengthening positive decision-making skills, developing leadership skills and supporting physical and emotional health.

At Minneapolis Public Schools, community centers, and YWCA of Minneapolis locations, trained youth professionals facilitate core groups, outreach activities and workshops. Every year, more than 1,500 urban youth, ages 7-18, participate in activities that transform their lives. In 2010:

  • 62% were female
  • 94% were youth of color
  • 89% received free or reduced lunch
  • 64% were from North Minneapolis
  • 63% were ages 10-14

Youth in YWCA of Minneapolis programs are on the road to success. In 2010:

  • 94% of youth in school-based programs demonstrated a positive or improved attitude towards school
  • 88% maintained or improved acceptable standards of school attendance
  • 88% achieved the primary goals of their programs in academic success, leadership development or physical health

“I felt for once in my life there was an adult who was for real and concerned about me and cared about my feelings. I learned how to make better choices for myself and how those positive choices will affect my future and my attitude towards life.”

Paige, age 14, Girls & Youth program participant

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