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The YWCA of Minneapolis is a member organization of Girls Incorporated. Through this affiliation with Girls Inc., the YWCA offers research-based curricula, delivered by trained professionals, to equip girls to achieve academically, lead healthy and physically active lives, manage money, navigate media messages, and discover an interest in science, technology, engineering, and math. Girls have opportunities to learn new skills, belong to a group, make positive connections to peers and adults, contribute to society, feel competent and believe in their ability to create the best possible future for themselves.

Each year, nearly 500 Minneapolis girls participate in Girls Inc. programs offered by the YWCA.

After School Program
Available to girls in grades 4 through 8 in the Minneapolis Public Schools, the After School Program addresses four learning goals: academic success in science and math, financial literacy, leadership development, and healthy decision-making. The multifaceted program creates an enriching and fun community that supports girl-led learning, great friendships and real personal growth.

In 2013, 87% of girls demonstrated progress in the areas of leadership development, Math and Science, Financial Literacy, and Healthy Decision Making. For more information, call 612-215-4375. 

Summer Program
This intensive six- to eight-week program addresses the same learning goals as the after school program. In addition, girls participate in healthy recreation opportunities, such as swimming lessons and running.

Resolution and Prevention (RAP) 
RAP is an intervention program that works annually with 125 girls, ages 12 through 18, who have a first, low-level juvenile offense. Program participants resolve their offense and stay out of the criminal justice system permanently by building skills and motivation for positive life choices. Girls complete an intensive ten-week intervention group and participate in ten months of aftercare support from RAP youth counselors.

Girls who complete the program show an increased understanding of the impact and consequences of their behaviors, as well as learned alternatives for expressing and managing anger. For more information, call 612-215-4123.

Workshops and Outreach
Workshops are single, two-to-eight-hour learning opportunities offered at city schools, community centers, YWCA locations, and youth conferences. Outreach focuses on recurring activities at culturally specific community centers, serving Latina, Native American and Somali girls. Both workshops and outreach provide skill-building opportunities, engage parents and communities, and reach girls who might otherwise not participate in programs.

Get More Information
To learn more about Girls Inc. at the YWCA of Minneapolis programs, contact YWCA Girls Inc. Manager Christa Perkins at 612-215-4375. Enrollment in Girls Inc. After School Programs is handled through schools. To learn if Girls Inc. is available at your school, contact Christa.

2014-2015 Participating Schools

Sanford Middle School
Anne Sullivan Communication Center
Anwatin Middle School
Nellie Stone Johnson Community School
Marcy Open
Seward Montessori
Northeast Middle School
Elizabeth Hall International Elementary School
South High School

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