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COVID-19 Update: All three of our fitness centers are now open. As we reopen, you can be certain your health and safety is our top priority. Working out at the gym will feel a little different, but we are committed to providing a safe and welcoming experience. Learn more about our phased reopening plan or make a reservation to work out.


YWCA provides a range of free and pay Pilates classes ranging from entry-level to advanced, plus Pilates personal training and Pilates team training!

Pilates is a great way to achieve optimal strength, tone, flexibility and endurance without adding bulk.

These total body-conditioning workouts are taught by Stott Certified Pilates Instructors.

Free Group Fitness Pilates Classes

Mat Pilates Essential

Class focus is on basic principles and simple movements. This is the entry point for people with little or no Pilates experience.

Type Mind/Body
Class Length 55 mins

Mat Pilates Experienced

Class requires previous Pilates experience and progresses at a faster pace, with more advanced exercises and modifications.

Type Mind/Body
Class Length 55 mins

Mat Pilates with Props

Mat Pilates with Props is an experienced level class utilizing the foam roller, balls or other small props for adding stability, challenge and fun to the traditional Pilates class.

Type Mind/Body
Class Length 55 mins

Pay Pilates Classes

Prime Time Pilates Halo®

This total body-conditioning workout incorporates strength and endurance work with flexibility and interval training. Using the multi-dimensional halo-training tool, you can progress or regress exercises for functional strength and stability, flexibility and injury prevention. Taught by Stott Certified Pilates Instructors, this class will take your Pilates practice to a new level.

Type Prime Time
Class Length 55 mins

Team Pilates

Pilates is a great way to achieve optimal strength, flexibility and endurance without adding bulk or stressing your joints. Our certified Pilates trainers emphasize neutral spine and neutral pelvic alignment as they relate to core stability, providing a non-impact workout that is beneficial for all fitness levels.