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Women's Basketball Leagues

Ladies’ Leagues

With YWCA Women’s Basketball Leagues, you can stay in shape, find friends who love the sport and let out your competitive juices as part of a team.

YWCA Minneapolis’ league is one of the few in the Twin Cities just for women. Our women-centered athletic programming is part of our mission. Last year, more than 1,350 women participated in our women-centered fitness classes, workshops, leagues and races.

Our leagues offer a fun, empowering space for women to compete, build their athletic skills and develop camaraderie with other women.

The Benefits of YWCA Basketball

Basketball provides a great workout with its wide range of lateral movements, cardio and strength-building. Not only does basketball improve endurance, strength and cardiovascular health, but it can also enhance your coordination and motor skills, improving your physical performance overall.

Along with its clear physical benefits, YWCA basketball can help athletes improve their mood, reduce stress and develop strong communication skills through cooperation and competition. In short, these basketball leagues help you achieve a better state of being — while making a few great friends along the way.

YWCA Basketball Seasons & League Divisions

With a selection of YWCA Minneapolis basketball leagues to choose from, you can find a team that suits your ability and athletic goals. Whether you’re a former college athlete, looking for a workout or just a place to have fun, we have a league to match your skill level. Take some time to evaluate the level you want to play at, complete the registration packet below and you’ll be playing in no time!

We offer four seasons throughout the calendar year: Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer.

Women’s A League

Are you an elite athlete missing your days of Division I, II, III or NJCAA competition? Then our A League is perfect for you! Most of the participants in this league have played competitively at the college level. Typically, eight to 10 teams play each season.

Women’s B League

If you’re not quite ready for the fast pace and intense play of the A League, the B League is a great choice. Most of our B League players have played basketball competitively in high school, with some also playing in college. We normally have 20 to 25 teams participate each season.

Women’s C League

Our C League is perfect for the recreational player. Maybe you played competitively in high school, or maybe you’re just looking for some friendly competition — either way, you’ll fit in here! Approximately six to 10 teams participate each season.

Women’s Silver Fox League

We designed the Silver Fox League specifically for players age 40 and over! Many women this age weren’t able to take advantage of Title IX and play competitive basketball at the collegiate level. Whether you’re a beginner or a skilled basketball player, you’ll be able to enjoy the thrill of competition here. Six to 10 Silver Fox teams take to the court each season.

Women’s College League

Don’t lose your stamina or your shooting posture while school is out of session! Our College League is designed specifically for college and university teams, and is held during the Summer season only. Each year, about 25 to 30 teams participate in the college league.

Registration Packets

If you have any questions or comments concerning registration or choosing the right basketball league for you, please contact Bruce Smith at 612-215-4303 or

Team Discount for Triathletes

We’re all for our athletes branching out and participating in a wide range of sports and competitions. That’s why we’re offering a team discount for triathletes! If three or more women on your team register for the YWCA Women’s Triathlon, we’ll take $50 off of your fall team registration.

You’ll also have access to a promotional code that provides a 15% discount when registering online for our endurance classes. Swim Conditioning, Triathlon Race Skills — take your pick, and get moving!