ywca Minneapolis

Facility Notices

Parking Gate Information

Pay parking gates at YWCA Downtown, Midtown and Uptown will be activated Nov. 1. For your convenience, there are four pay options:

  1. Use a credit/debit card at the exit gate
  2. Use a pay station with cash/credit/debit card inside any YWCA location
  3. Request a stored value card
  4. Sign up for a monthly parking card

Please see the Member Services Desk at any location to request a stored value card, to sign up for a monthly parking card or to learn more about parking options.

Parking Fees

Monthly Parking Card Information

For unlimited parking while using our facilities, you can subscribe to a monthly parking card with an automatic monthly debit withdrawal. When you set it up, you’ll be charged an initial $5 + tax to start. The monthly debit at the regular rate below will begin the following month.

  • First parking card on account: $15/month + tax
  • Senior rate (62+) for first parking card on account: $10/month + tax
  • Add additional cards for your household: $5/month + tax each
  • Parking cards for scholarship members: $0/month (Initial $5 + tax charge does not apply)
  • Replacement card fee: $15

November Special: Sign up for a monthly parking card by November 30 and lock in a $10/month + tax monthly rate

To purchase a monthly parking card, visit the Member Services Desk at any YWCA location starting October 24.

Stored Value Card

You may request a stored value card at the Member Services Desk. Stored value cards can be loaded with funds at pay stations inside any YWCA location and will give users an additional 10 percent discount on daily parking fees.

Early Childhood Education and Girls and Youth Program Drop-Off and Pick-Up

Parents and caregivers for Early Childhood Education or Girls and Youth programs will have a 20-minute grace period to drop off and pick up your child. If you require more time, you can pick up a validation ticket from your child’s teacher, program coordinator or counselor that will grant you an additional 20 minutes to exit the lot.

Parking FAQs

Q1: Why is there now pay parking at YWCA Midtown?

Q2: What are the changes that have happened in the area around YWCA Midtown?

Q3: What other options has YWCA Minneapolis attempted before choosing a pay parking system?

Q4: Why can’t parking fees be rolled into the monthly membership fees?

Q5: Why can’t parking be free for members for the first 2 hours and just charge non-members?

Q6: Why was there no opportunity for community input?

Q7: I did the math and it looks like this is going to add $40/month or more to my monthly fees. Is there another option?

Q8: Will YWCA Midtown be installing more bike racks?

Q9: When do I have to start paying for parking?

Q10: Will the parking lots be open to the public?

Q11: Will I still need a parking permit to park at YWCA Midtown?

Q12: When can I purchase a monthly parking card?

Q13: Why do people who are on a scholarship receive free parking?

Q14: I have economic limitations. Can I get free parking?

Q15: How will the pay stations work?

Q16: Do I have to use a credit card to pay?

Q17: What happens to existing stored value cards, like members have been using at YWCA Uptown?