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Giving, Driven By Passion

Posted on Mon, Nov 4 2013 1:17 pm by Elisa Baral, GenYWCA Philanthropy Co-Chair, YWCA of Minneapolis

My name is Elisa Baral, and I work for KPMG as a Senior Audit Associate. I was recently introduced to the YWCA and its mission by a college friend, and was very moved by the stories of success and changed lives that have directly resulted from the YWCA's programs. I knew I wanted to get involved.

As a young professional, it is important to for me to start giving now, to start figuring out my passion and to make a difference both today and in the future.

Giving is important to me because I believe that, together, we can make a difference. We all have different reasons for giving and different ways of giving, whether it's donating our time and energy or our money to a specific cause -- whatever our passion may be.   

The YWCA resonates with my passion because its mission is about empowerment, and my passion is helping individuals in my community. Many people face challenges that are outside of their control, or problems that are beyond their ability to prevent or change. I have always believed I have a responsibility to help people gain access to a higher quality of life; to help those who haven't had the same good fortune as I have. I choose to support an organization that empowers its recipients.

The YWCA actively lives its mission of eliminating racism and empowering women and girls with its programs for children, youth and families. I believe that everyone deserves access to a good education, and the YWCA's Child Care and Education programs provide those opportunities with their commitment to early childhood education. I learned that, last year, 96% of children served by the YWCA demonstrated age-appropriate development, and preschool children were fully proficient in 90% of rigorous school readiness indicators, compared with 53% of their peers across Minnesota.

By giving $5 a month -- the cost of my morning latte -- I can put ten new books into the hands of young readers in the YWCA Children's Centers.

Together we can make a difference. Why do you give?

GenYWCA is celebrating giving with a generous matching gift and fun drawing on Give to the Max Day, November 14. Your gift will help maximize the $2,500 matching gift from RJM Construction.  Schedule your gift today or add a reminder to your calendar to give on November 14.

And don't forget to join us for a great young professionals happy hour event to celebrate giving on Give to the Max Day!

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