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GenYWCA and U of M Developing Women in Leadership Event

Posted on Wed, Jan 11 2017 2:00 pm by Natalie A. Herrild, GenYWCA Programming & Events

Natalie Herrild, GenYWCA Minneapolis

GenYWCA, YWCA's group of young professionals and emerging leaders, is co-presenting a panel discussion in January, Developing Women in Leadership. This event broaches a very important topic for women at all stages in their professional development. As a former student-athlete at the University of Minnesota, I felt a unique opportunity to widen our event’s audience beyond new and seasoned professionals to also include the driven young women athletes on the cusp of their careers. These women balance being top performers on the field and in the classroom with the challenges that come with preparing for the same desired success in a career.

Only a few short years ago I was running across campus to my finance class, hair still wet from swim practice, anxious about what the “real world” would throw my way. Has athletics prepared me to be successful in a career? Would I even get a job? Am I ready? Gopher Athletics has since created Women Invested in Leadership and Learning (W.I.L.L.), a program to help student-athletes navigate professional development and all those looming questions.

Now as I run between meetings (I did get that job) my questions have shifted. How do I reach the next level? Will I lead a company someday? How can I personally support the next generation of young women? I have found GenYWCA to be an incredible avenue to help me answer these questions as I prepare for yet the next phase of my development. My hope is that our program on January 23 serves as a bridge to a shared women leadership community and an answer to the questions that so many think but don’t have a place to ask.

YWCA & W.I.L.L. present a panel discussion: Developing Women in Leadership

Monday, January 23, 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm, TCF Bank Stadium

GenYWCA of Minneapolis and University of Minnesota Women Invested in Leadership and Learning (W.I.L.L.), in honor of Jean K. Freeman are pleased to present a diverse panel of women and men who are each athletes, professionals and leaders in their fields. Each believe that the empowerment of women and girls is critical to the success of our communities and businesses. This event is an opportunity for young athletes, recent graduates and professionals to network and participate in a panel discussion about the significance of women and girls in sports who develop into leaders and influencers in the business community.

Join us to learn more about the importance of mentorship and sponsorship for women of all ages, overcoming obstacles, and how leadership as demonstrated in sports can evolve into leadership in the workplace.

  • 6:00pm: Networking & Buffet
  • 6:30pm: Welcome
  • 6:45-8pm: Panel Discussion & Questions
  • 8pm: Closing

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