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Racial Justice

Living Our Mission

Racial Justice with YWCA Minneapolis

Join YWCA Minneapolis in its mission to break through the barriers that perpetuate racism. YWCA Minneapolis is dedicated to promoting racial equity by partnering with individuals, organizations and businesses through racial justice training, consulting, advocacy, outreach and education.

Eliminating racism is everyone's responsibility. YWCA Minneapolis' Racial Justice department is here to help you start, or continue, your journey to becoming an anti-racist ally.

Our programs will:

  • Teach skills that individuals can utilize as they begin and continue their journey against racism
  • Help build commitments to policies and practices that create long-term, sustainable change
  • Invite open dialogue and discussion toward the goal of mutual understanding
  • Raise awareness of white privilege and institutional racism

We invite you to call or email us to ask about Racial Justice. And we encourage you to live the mission with us.

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