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Dr. Arnoldo Curiel

Dr. Anoldo Curiel

Dr. Arnoldo Curiel is the Vice President of Racial Justice and Public Policy where he provides leadership, vision and represent YWCA Minneapolis on racial equity and public policy related issues both locally and nationally.

Prior to joining the YWCA, Dr. Curiel worked in higher education for almost 10 years, most recently at College of St. Scholastica, where he was an assistant professor and continues to adjunct for the Graduate Teaching Licensure program. Prior to his work for the College of St. Scholastica, he served as the diversity training coordinator for the Minnesota Youth Work Institute, and managed the Weed and Seed program in St. Paul’s Frogtown Neighborhood, where he founded Shop with Cops, an annual innovative youth development project designed to foster positive relationships between youth and police officers.

Arnoldo has provided countless multicultural trainings for organizations as varied as the Minnesota US Attorney’s Office, the Dunwoody Institute, the St. Paul YWCA, the Overcoming Racism Conference, and the Higher Learning Commission conference. His publications include “Doing the Right Thing: Ethical Development Across Diverse Environments,” published by Wiley Periodicals.

Arnoldo is the recipient of several awards, including the Paul and Sheila Wellstone Award, Saint Paul Police Department Chief’s Award, Eleven Who Care, and the Excellence Award for Service to the Community from the College of St. Scholastica.

Dr. Curiel is a graduate of Metropolitan State University in Saint Paul. He holds a Master’s degree in Public Affairs from the Humphrey Institute at the University of Minnesota and an Educational Doctorate from Hamline University.


Alicia Sojourner

Alicia Sojourner

Alicia serves as the Racial Equity Consulting Manager at YWCA Minneapolis. She has many years in the Education and Public Policy fields. Alicia currently uses her background in grassroots community and political organizing for early childhood education, disability rights, and racial equality to inspire others to be change agents in the YWCA community, as well as their own. 

Over the years, Alicia has been involved in many activities that foster community, including serving on the Board of Directors for a Minneapolis charter school to ensure children at every ability have an opportunity to learn, member of the Interfaith Children's Advocacy Network (iCAN), lead a support group for parents who are parenting on their own, support women living with negative body image and food addiction, and rising awareness of the achievement gap of children with disabilities in communities of color and how it affects the overall community.

Alicia has been awarded many opportunities over the years, including, Young Advocate Leadership Training (YALT®) Program through Children’s Defense Fund, Young Alaka'i Award for working with marginalized youth, and winner of Inspiring Women by the WNBA Minnesota Lynx.


Sara Jensen

Sara serves as the Racial Justice Facilitator Coordinator at YWCA Minneapolis. Sara turns to her many years of experience recruiting and working with volunteers to help with her work with the YWCA's volunteer facilitators. Her deep passion for social justice issues motivates her to help the Racial Justice Facilitator Program thrive and grow.

Sara works part-time for YWCA Minneapolis, leaving her time to commit to her many other passions, including her church and her children's school. She has served on governing boards for child care centers, schools, churches and various other committees, as well as giving time to political campaigns. Sara is also an alumnus of the Childcare Advocates Ready to Emerge (CARE) Fellowship Program.