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Diversity & Inclusion Consulting

YWCA Diversity and Inclusion Consulting

Advancing Diversity and Inclusion

Through YWCA Latitude we help organizations of all kinds—government, nonprofit and for-profit—transform performance through the power of inclusion by exploring how to change institutional practices and policies, and helping organizations connect the power of every person to the potential of a team. YWCA Latitude tailors training to organizational goals around diversity and inclusion, including:

  • Organizational and individual assessments
  • Facilitated dialogues in the workplace
  • Inclusion and engagement planning

Consultation and Transformation

  • Guiding individuals and organizations to form connections
  • Generating strategic action around the challenging issues of race, diversity and inclusion
  • Tailoring customized training to your industry and organizational goals around diversity and inclusion


  • Qualified Intercultural Development Inventory® (IDI) administrators
  • Consulting in the complex arena of race relations, diversity and inclusion
  • Provide the tools for gathering critical information
  • Assessing the status of diversity and inclusion at your organization

Custom Solutions

  • Recommend steps that will achieve your organization's diversity and inclusion goals
  • Every client's needs are unique, and there are no cookie-cutter solutions
  • Customize solutions and work closely with you to implement the tactics from the assessment


  • Employee training is an area in which we excel
  • Implementation of new diversity and inclusion initiative comes from learning new skills
  • Training will forward your goals as an organization
  • Keep your employees actively engaged in the process of change
  • Changes occur when new skills are practiced, reinforced and measured

For more information about advancing diversity and inclusion in your organization, please contact us below. We encourage you to live the mission with us.

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