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Facilitator Program

Racial Justice Facilitator Program

Take your racial justice journey to a new level; spark the conversation of change

Leading the conversation about race and racism in our community is difficult. Our facilitator program gives you the tools and opportunities you need to stand for racial justice.

Using the indigenous tradition of circle dialogue, facilitators are trained to navigate through what are often challenging and emotional conversations.

Upon completing the required 3-part training, facilitators can facilitate at YWCA workshops and community conversations. They also facilitate at our annual It’s Time to Talk: Forums on RaceTM event on October 2, 2019.

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Facilitator Testimonials

"Race is a hard thing to look at, let alone talk about, and while I seem to talk about it quite a bit, I wanted to learn better ways to have the conversation."
–Asha S.

"The people I meet in the circle groups give me hope that someday we will make it to the finish line."
– Jack O.

"I am striving to be a better listener, and being a facilitator continues to reinforce within me the tremendous power of creating a safe, open space for dialogue."
– Anesh P.

"Circle gives everyone an opportunity to speak, to listen, and to feel safe while doing both."
– Crixell S.