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Inc.lude Diversity & Inclusion Consulting

YWCA Diversity and Inclusion Consulting

Inequity in the workplace doesn't work.

Transform Performance through the Power of Inclusion

Inc.ludeTM Diversity and Inclusion Consulting empowers your business to create a positive environment for all your employees. Through diversity, inclusion and equity training programs, we work with you to help improve employee dynamics, leading to an increased bottom line.

Empower your employees and improve productivity.

We tailor our Inc.lude consulting to your organizational goals in the complex arena of diversity, inclusion and equity.

We help organizations of all kinds—government, nonprofit and for-profit—transform performance through the power of inclusion. By exploring how to change institutional practices and policies, your organization can connect the power of every person to the potential of your team.

Create a More Equitable Workplace

Custom solutions to achieve your organization's diversity and inclusion goals:

consultation and transformation

Consultation and Transformation


  • Organizational and individual assessments
  • Professional and curriculum development
  • Customized strategic planning




diversity and inclusion training

Training and Development


  • Implementation of new diversity and inclusion initiatives comes from learning new skills
  • Keep your employees actively engaged in the process of change

Here's What Our Clients are Saying:

“Great dialogues, strong facilitators. Live sessions are phenomenal. References from others definitely put YWCA Minneapolis over the top. And the fact that it is a nonprofit and this work is part of their mission is key. They are not profiting from people’s need to learn about diversity, inclusion and equity; they are doing it because it is just what they do.”


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