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Include: Diversity & Inclusion Consulting

YWCA Diversity and Inclusion Consulting

Inequity in the workplace doesn't work.

Transform Performance through the Power of Inclusion

Include Diversity and Inclusion Consulting empowers your business to create a positive environment for all your employees. Through diversity, inclusion and equity training programs, we work with you to help improve employee dynamics, leading to an increased bottom line.

Empower your employees and improve productivity.

We tailor our Include consulting to your organizational goals in the complex arena of diversity, inclusion and equity.

We help organizations of all kinds—government, nonprofit and for-profit—transform performance through the power of inclusion. By exploring how to change institutional practices and policies, your organization can connect the power of every person to the potential of your team.

Consultation and Transformation

Every client's needs are unique.

Your organization will receive customized steps for a more equitable workplace, which may include: 

Strategic Planning

  • Inclusion and engagement planning
  • Professional and curriculum development
  • Guidance in building policies and practices that create long-term, sustainable change


Diversity and Inclusion Training

  • Engagement with employees during the process of change
  • Teach new skills that individuals can utilize as they advance along in journey against racism
  • Facilitated dialogues in the workplace
  • Open conversation with the goal of mutual understanding and increased awareness

For more information about advancing diversity, inclusion and equity in your organization, please contact us below. 


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