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Muscle Building with Proper Form

Posted on Wed, Jun 29 2016 9:00 am by YWCA Minneapolis

YWCA Personal Trainer Nick Veazie

This month’s trainer tip is from Nick Veazie, a YWCA Personal Trainer and yoga instructor who is here to help you navigate your own unique fitness path.

Nick shares this helpful reminder when building strength or endurance:

"When building strength or endurance don’t forget balance! While exercising at the gym, it is easy to gravitate toward weights and cardio equipment, but ignore stability-focused exercises.

Most common sports injuries develop out of tightness, imbalanced strength, and/or uncoordinated movement. All of these weaknesses improve with adequate stretching, warm-ups, cool-downs and joint stabilization to regulate the fatigue of difficult workouts and optimize results."

The take away? 

Muscle building requires balance training, and improving balance requires muscle building.

View the video below to see muscle building in action when Nick demonstrates proper form while doing a push up.

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