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Adding Variety to Your Exercise Routine

Posted on Thu, Sep 29 2016 11:00 am by YWCA Minneapolis

Tyler Barrett, YWCA Minneapolis Personal Trainer

Tyler Barrett, YWCA Personal Trainer and and health activist, shares suggestions on how to keep your gym time fresh.

Tyler provides tips on how avoid physical and motivational plateaus by adding variety to your exercise routine:

  • If you’ve been working on machines, try the same exercise with dumbbells
  • Free weights your go-to? Spice it up on the TRX; your muscles will respond differently to the new challenge, and your brain will be stimulated by the nuances in the movements
  • Try at least one new exercise at the gym

Before long, you’ll have a mental stockpile of exercises to draw from, and keep from becoming routine.

Trainer Tip in Action:

Watch Tyler's video below to learn some new exercises you can incorporate into your workout.

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