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Facility Notice: Operating hours at all three fitness facilities will be 6:00 am to 7:00 pm, April 13 through April 16. Learn more.

Virtual Personal Training

Virtual Personal Training

Our trainers can help.

Start up a new at-home workout program or continue working with your YWCA personal trainer with our virtual training sessions. Our 30-minute one-on-one sessions cost $30 and are a perfect way to stay active.

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Virtual Private Pilates Training

Work with one of our certified Pilates trainers from the comfort of your own home via video conference. Our 45-minute one-on-one virtual Pilates sessions cost $50 and focus on improving your strength, tone and flexibility without adding bulk. Our certified Pilates trainers take a contemporary approach to the mind-body teachings of Joseph H. Pilates, and emphasize neutral spine and neutral pelvic alignment as they relate to core stability.

Our Trainers

YWCA Minneapolis has several levels of Personal and Pilates trainers ready to assist you in achieving your fitness goals.

Sue Merfeld

Miguel Sevilla

Emma Vermilya

Tim Youtz

Training Levels

Level 1

Certified trainers who develop client programming specific to the needs of each individual. If you are looking to begin a personalized training program to develop the foundations of fitness with a focus on progression, the Level 1 trainer is right for you. Our trainers will motivate, support, and monitor your program to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Level 2

Certified trainers with experience and practiced skill designing and implementing one-on-one programs to meet your specific fitness goals. Level 2 trainers are seasoned professionals with 3+ years of experience. If you have health limitations or are looking for someone to help you recover from an injury, prepare for an event or race, or to push you to your next level of fitness, Level 2 trainers are here to help you meet your fitness goals.

Level 3

Certified trainers with advanced skill, multiple certifications and 5+years of experience. Level 3 trainers are capable of training clients at any level. If you have a medical condition or physical limitation, are preparing for an event or race, or looking for a trainer with superior skill and knowledge, then a Level 3 trainer is the right choice for you.