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Group Swim Lessons

Swim Lessons for All Abilities!

Swimming can be relaxing or competitive, solitary or group-oriented — but it should always be enjoyable and safe! At YWCA Minneapolis, we provide support and lessons for every swimmer, regardless of age or ability. Whether you’ve got a future member of our Otters Swim Team on your hands or you’re hoping to improve your own stroke technique, we have the perfect course to fit you or your family’s needs.

Group swim lessons offer an excellent opportunity for infants, toddlers, youth and adults alike to develop their skills, learn water safety and gain confidence in a supportive environment. YWCA Minneapolis boasts a wide range of swimming courses year round, covering all ages and abilities.

In our selection of courses, you’ll find classes for children and adults who are just beginning to swim, as well as more advanced options for swimmers looking to refine their technique. Our courses are appropriately separated by age, and some advanced classes require participants to be comfortable with certain swimming milestones before enrolling.

COVID-19 Safety Policies

We’ve developed a plan and process to help keep everyone safe. Click here to read our full policies and processes.

Sessions per location: 

  • Midtown Late Summer Session: Tuesday, July 19 – Sunday, August 21, 2022

Note: When you click the registration button, the page defaults to YWCA Midtown in the dropdown menu. Please select YWCA Uptown from the drop-down menu to select swim lessons from that location.

Upcoming Session Dates

Midtown Early Summer 2022 (4 weeks)

  • Saturday, June 18 – Sunday, July 18
  • Online registration for members start: Wednesday, June 1
  • Open registration starts: Friday, June 3

How to Register

Please have the class information (code) and a credit card ready.

Early Summer group swim lessons begin June 18

  • Register online or in-person beginning June 3. For in-person, register at the Member Services Desk at YWCA Midtown or Uptown
  • Register via phone: YWCA Midtown (612-215-4333), YWCA Uptown (612-215-4224)
  • Need help with online registration? Read directions on how to sign into your account.

Members can also register on the “MY YWCA” app (Download on App Store or Google Play Store™ )

Questions? For YWCA Midtown, contact or 612-215-4342. For YWCA Uptown, contact or 612-215-4224.

Swim Class Descriptions and Level Placement

Explore below for our full list of group swim classes.

NOTE: Classes may be combined with similar-level classes. Participants will still be taught at an appropriate skill level based on their ability and readiness.


Swim Class Descriptions

View upcoming swim classes and descriptions below.


Toddler with Adult (6 mo – 3 years)

Introduces basic skills, including safety topics, to parent and infant/toddler. Develops comfort in the water. Prerequisites: Child must be at least 6 months old. Adult or household member 15 or old must accompany infant/toddler in water.

Type Water Fitness
Class Length 30 mins


Preschool Level 1 (3 – 5 years)

Preschool Level 1 students are introduced to basic swimming skills and safety rules, and develop comfort in and around water. Prerequisites: Child must be potty-trained and comfortable with an adult other than parent/guardian.

Type Water Fitness
Class Length 30 mins

Preschool Level 2/3 (3 – 5 years)

Preschool 2 students will gain greater independence with their basic skills. Preschool 3 students will begin to swim independently on their front and back. Prerequisites: Successfully complete Preschool 1 course. Must be comfortable without parent in the water. Must be willing to submerge face and blow bubbles independently.

Type Water Fitness
Class Length 30 mins


Adult Beginner (15+)

Helps adults feel comfortable in the water while learning basic water safety skills. This class is ideal for those wanting to overcome a fear of the water or learn the basics of swimming. Note: Not for participants who can currently swim a length more (25+ yards).

Type Water Fitness
Class Length 45 mins

Older Beginner (9 – 16 years)

Older Beginner class helps youth feel comfortable in the water while learning basic water safety skills. Class will be held in the lap pool.

Type Water Fitness
Class Length 30 mins

School-Age Beginner (6 – 12 years)

Learn to be safe in and around water. Build basic skills and progress towards swimming fundamentals.

Type Water Fitness
Class Length 30 mins


Adult Intermediate

Builds on basic skills learned in Adult Beginner (e.g. bubbles, forward motion, kicking and arms), and introduces additional swim stroke techniques (e.g. different kicks and arms, rotary breathing). This class is ideal for swimmers who are comfortable in the water, and want to turn basic movement into specific swim strokes. Prerequisites: Students must be comfortable inhaling above the water and exhaling into the water (bubbles) and comfortable going under water. Students must also be able to swim unaided 15 yards.

Type Water Fitness
Class Length 45 mins

Level 3 (6 – 12 years)

Level 3 builds on basic skills learned in beginner class. Develop fundamental stroke and safety skills and explore skill practice in deeper water. Prerequisites: Able to float on front and back independently for at least 15 seconds. Swim for at least 5 body lengths using combined arm and leg action on both front and back. Pass Preschool Level 3 or Learn to Swim Level 2.

Type Water Fitness
Class Length 45 mins

Level 4 (6 – 13 years)

Improves fundamental skills and introduces advanced safety topics and strokes (breaststroke, sidestroke and butterfly). Prerequisites: Able to jump into deep water and swim 15 yards of front crawl, float or tread water for 30 seconds in deep water and swim elementary backstroke for 15 yards.

Type Water Fitness
Class Length 45 mins


Level 5/6 (6 – 14 years)

Focuses on stroke technique, builds endurance and additional safety skills. Prerequisites: Swim at least 25 yards of front crawl, change direction and swim at least 25 yards of elementary backstroke. Swim at least 15 yards of breaststroke, change direction and swim at least 15 yards of backcrawl.

Type Water Fitness
Class Length 45 mins

Masters Swim Team

YWCA Masters Swim Team is a fitness swimming group for adults age 18 and older. Join us to train, stay in shape, try something new and meet new friends. No competitive swimming experience required.

Type Water Fitness

Otters Youth Swim Team

Led by a seasoned team of coaches dedicated to the development of young athletes as strong individuals, YWCA Minneapolis’ Otters swim team is one of the best in the region. Athletes will develop swimming and teamwork skills in collaborative environments as they prepare for meets and other standard competitions. Joining this group is a perfect way for young athletes to hone their craft while developing essential life skills — including teamwork, goal setting and embracing challenges as hard-earned opportunities.

Type Water Fitness