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Upcoming Workshops

Engaging in Difficult Conversations

5/30/2019 6:00pm @YWCA Downtown

Engaging in Difficult Conversations What happens when we encounter conflict?This workshop will explore three lenses that are often present in conflict and how they help us understand what is really…

It's Time to Act! act four: Racism and Sexism: Revealing the Intersectionality

6/13/2019 6:00pm @Westminster Presbyterian Church

It's Time to Act!™ act four: Racism and Sexism: Revealing the IntersectionalityJoin YWCA in its mission to break through the barriers that perpetuate racism. It’s Time to Act! is a…

Does Your Voice Matter?

6/25/2019 6:00pm @YWCA Downtown

Does Your Voice Matter? Voting is a crucial way to let politicians who are in office know how you feel about their performance and policies.Many people feel and actually believe…

YWCA Minneapolis has scholarships available based on need for all workshops and dialogues. Click here to apply for a scholarship